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Parish Council Meetings
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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes

Meeting Papers (if any)

11th July 2017 Agenda  

Item 366 (Progress on streetlights) Letter from e.on

Item 367 Revised s137 Grant Policy

Item 369 Final Internal Audit Report 2016/17

13th June 2017 Agenda Draft Minutes

Item 354 Contract for purchase of Telephone Kiosk from British Telecommunications plc

Item 356 Planning Application S/2017/1242/FUL

9th May 2017 Agenda Draft Minutes

Item 323 Code of Conduct

Item 324 Standing Orders

Item 325 Financial Regulations

Item 326 Internal Control Checklist

Item 327 Fixed Asset Register

Item 328 Risk Management

Item 329 Confirmation of Grants - Second Monday Club, Playing Field Committee, St Martin's Church Fabric Trust, Newsletter, Garden Club, Garden Club Additional, Litchborough Playgroup,

Item 330 Grant Policy and Application Form

Item 333 Resignation email from Cllr C Watt

Item 336 s106 and New Homes Bonus Funds

Item 341 Planning Applications

a   Planning Application S/2017/0926/FUL

b   Planning Application S/2017/0941/TCA (For info only)

c   Planning Application S/2017/1036/FUL

11th April 2017 Agenda Draft Minutes

Item 301 Planning Application S2017/0597/FUL

Item 301 Planning Application S2017/0676/FUL

14th March 2017 Agenda Minutes

Item 278 S106 spend

Item 278 NHB Summary

Item 282 Interim Audit Report

Item 283 WW1 Beacons of Light event

Item 289 Planning Application S/2017/0123/TR

Item 289 Planning Application S2017/0247/TCA (For information only)

Item 289 Planning Application S/2017/0282/AGP (For information only)

10th January 2017 Agenda Minutes

Item 255 s106 spend

Item 255 NHB Summary

Item 256 - Grant Policy - Report - Policy - Application Form

Item 257 - Complaint about HGVs - Complaint - SNC Policy - Cambridge CC Policy

Item 259 - Best Village Competition

Item 261 - Community Governance Review

8th Nov 2016 Agenda Minutes

S106 spend

2016 grant applications (payable November 2017) from; Garden Club, Litchborough Playgroup, Newsletter, Playing Field Committee, Second Monday Club, St Martin's Church Fabric Trust

11 Oct 2016 Agenda Minutes
13 Sep 2016 Agenda Minutes  
09 Aug 2016 Agenda Minutes  
12 Jul 2016 Agenda Minutes  
14 Jun 2016 Agenda Minutes  
10 May 2016 Agenda Minutes  
12 Apr 2016 Agenda Minutes  


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