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Litchborough Community Speed Watch – Update November 2014

Northamptonshire Police have now provided their feedback following our period of speed monitoring in August and September.

In total 124 police letters were sent to the drivers of vehicles exceeding 35mph in the village.

The police also provided a summary of their automated monitoring of traffic immediately after we completed our monitoring. This provides a “before” and “after” comparison. In practise there is very little difference between the two summaries, but we should remember that perhaps it was too soon for the warning letters to have had a significant effect, also the traffic pattern for the two periods may be different as the first was during the school holidays, and the second was after the new school term has started.

We also now have the new Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) which is permanently located in the village (the previous sign was shared on a 50/50 basis with Maidford). This sign also has the ability to log traffic data (speed and time of each vehicle passing) which we can download from the sign and use to trend the pattern of traffic passing the sign. Over time this will allow us to see if traffic volumes and patterns change. It is early days, but I am pleased to say that the data collected by the sign correlates well with data from the police monitoring equipment.

The feedback letter from the police, together with the summary of data that they have collected, is below. Please note that I believe that a couple of numbers have been swapped (for LGVs in the “after” report.

Also below is a report from the new VAS. This provides some different types of data, for example it shows how the traffic volume varies with the time of day. However, it is different from the police equipment in that it only captures vehicles entering the village, not in both directions, and it does not differentiate between the different types of vehicle (cars, HGVs, LGVs etc).

If you have any suggestions or questions, please email hywel.davies@outlook.com.


Letter received  from Safer Roads Enforcement Team Leader

Dear Hywel, 

Community Speed Watch 

I am writing to thank you for your support as the Community Speed 

Watch co-ordinator for Litchborough. 

As part of the programme, speed data was collected before and after your 

planned time with the enforcement equipment, I have attached these 

results for your information. 

As a community, you generated 124 Police warning letters to be sent out 

to the registered keepers of vehicles that were detected. 

The Community Speed Watch programme relies on support from you and 

your community and by working together, with partners, to reduce those 

that are killed or seriously injured on the roads and reduce speeding 

across the County. 

Going forward we are looking to enhance Community Speed Watch, and I 

would welcome your thoughts and feedback on how as a community you 

would like us to develop the scheme. 

I look forward to your continued support. 

Safer Roads Enforcement Team Leader 


1st Police Traffic Survey Report 

Location: Litchborough 

Description: Signpost near playing fields 

Facing: Into village 

Date Up: 31/07/2014 Date Down: 07/08/2014 

Amount of vehicles in survey: 10085 

35 % 

PSL: 30 Exceeding PSL: 3563 (35% ) 

ACPO: 35 Exceeding ACPO: 1234 ( 12 % ) 

*85%: 35 mph    Max: 56mph 

Detailed information 


85%: 32 mph Max: 39 mph


85%: 30 mph Max: 38 mph 


85%: 35 mph Max: 56 mph


85%: 26 mph Max: 31 mph 

* The 85th percentile speed is the speed, which 85% of the vehicles are not exceeding. Road speed limits are commonly determined by 

the 85th percentile, given that 85% of drivers will drive at or below a speed that is comfortable for the given road conditions. 

Due to limitations of equipment used the classification of vehicles cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate. All other parameters are deemed to be correct at the time recorded. Unit No: 2906 


2nd Police Traffic Survey Report 

Location: Litchborough 

Description: Layby opposite playing fields on playground sign 

Date Up: 22/09/2014 Date Down: 01/10/2014 

Amount of vehicles in survey: 12460 

34 % 

PSL: 30 Exceeding PSL: 4274 ( ) 

ACPO: 35 

Exceeding ACPO: 1499 ( 12 % ) 

*85%: 33 mph Max: 60mph 

Detailed information 


85%: 32 mph Max: 60 mph


85%: 60 mph Max: 42 mph 


85%: 35 mph Max: 58 mph


85%: 27 mph Max: 32 mph 

* The 85th percentile speed is the speed, which 85% of the vehicles are not exceeding. Road speed limits are commonly determined by the 85th percentile, given that 85% of drivers will drive at or below a speed that is comfortable for the given road conditions. 

Due to limitations of equipment used the classification of vehicles cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate. All other parameters are deemed to be correct at the time recorded. Unit No: 2506 



Litchborough Community Speed Watch – Update 20th September 2014

Our team of local volunteers has now completed our first period of active monitoring of vehicle speeds through the village.

We started on Tuesday, August 19th and finished on Friday, September 19th, spending a total of 29 hours measuring the speed of vehicles as they passed.

A total of 3797 vehicles (3060 cars, 552 Light Goods Vehicles, 146 Heavy Goods Vehicles and 39 motorcycles) passed the monitoring sites.
141 vehicles were reported to the police as exceeding 35 mph in a 30 mph speed limit. This represents 3.7% of the traffic passing the monitoring sites.

It was not possible to identify some vehicles exceeding the 35 mph threshold with absolute certainty, so these were not reported. Therefore the 3.7% figure is conservative.
Also, the number of vehicles driving between 30 and 35 mph appears to be greater than those exceeding 35 mph – again these are not reported (to allow a margin of error).

No HGVs were measured above 35 mph. And most HGVs were well below 30 mph.

This is not to suggest that 35 mph, or even 30 mph is a safe speed for these vehicles in our village, only that they are not exceeding the legal speed limit.

The stretch of the Northampton Road, adjacent to the playing fields was confirmed as the area of greatest concern/number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit.
As expected the morning and evening “rush hours” (8.00 – 9.00 am and 4.00 – 5.30 pm) on weekdays proved to have the highest traffic volume and a higher proportion of “speeders”. Saturday late morning and lunchtime is also a busy period.
The proportion of “speeders” reduced over the period of monitoring. Factors that may have affected this include:

  • the installation of the new Vehicle Activated Sign on the Northampton Road entering the village
  • some deterioration in weather conditions, with more mist perhaps the word getting around that the monitoring was in progress!

There will be a further update in the next issue of the Village Newsletter, and the Village Website, when we get the results of the “after” automatic monitoring that the police will perform to compare with the “before” traffic data that was collected, in August

In the meantime, I have a number of Speed Awareness signs, approximately A3 size, that can be deployed around the village if you have a suitable location. These are self-adhesive vinyl (i.e. they are not in themselves rigid), but can be applied to any appropriate surface, where they would be visible to the traffic passing through the village. If you would like to have one, or more, please get in touch. And if you would like any more information on the Speed Watch Programme go to the Litchborough village website, http://www.litchborough.org.uk/index.asp?pageid=576748 or email me at hywel.davies@outlook.com


Litchborough Community Speed Watch - August

You may have seen people dressed in high visibility jackets and a speed gun in the village recently. No doubt you realized that they are monitoring traffic speeds – but who are they and why are they are doing it?

Community Speed Watch is run by Northamptonshire Police, the County Council and volunteer local residents. Motorists who speed through the village are often unaware of the impact their actions have on other road users and people in the village, and the dangers they can pose. Many local residents have said that traffic through the village travels too fast, one area of particular concern is the Northampton Road outside the playing field.

Speed Watch aims to raise awareness of drivers of the speed that they drive through the village, and to reduce the excessive speed of those who exceed the speed limit. Drivers recorded as exceeding the speed limit are reported to the police, who then may take further action. The team is also taking the opportunity of recording the amount of traffic in certain parts of the village, to help the council make future planning decisions affected by traffic. Further information on Speed Watch can be found at www.northants.police.uk/files/linked/safer-roads/Community%20Speed%20Watch%20Leaflet.pdf and http://northantsacre.org.uk/projects/community-speedwatch-2012/

The program will continue through September and at the end we will report on what we have found. In the meantime if you have any questions, please contact Hywel Davies, (hywel.davies@outlook.com)  

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