Litchborough Gardening Club 2017 calendar:

Wednesday, 15th February, 7.30 pm at the village hall, a talk by Andy Harding who is a professional naturalist with a specialism in moths and birds.  His talk will take a light-hearted and richly-illustrated look at this amazingly varied and wonderful group of insects from the perspective of an English garden: specifically those found in a corner of Old Stratford as well as birds in the Litchborough locality.

His talk is entitled ‘What’s flying tonight – the moths of an English country garden’.

Wednesday, 22nd March, 7.30pm at the village hall, a talk by Professor Jeff Ollerton – postponed from November because of ill-health – on the importance of trees to our environment,

‘Trees without leaves are like birds without feathers’.

In April, date to be confirmed, we will be joined by the Artisan Gardeners for a talk about sowing and taking cuttings as well as a seedling swop and plant stall.


The Litchborough Elm Tree Project.

There are probably not many people today who remember elm trees in the English countryside following the devastation of Dutch Elm Disease in the 1970s which wiped out thousands of these beautiful trees that formed an important part of our landscape.

Those who do remember English elms miss the beauty and majesty of these wonderful trees that have been immortalised in the centuries-old works of landscape artists such as Constable.   We have been told that there were many elms around Litchborough and the Gardening Club is very keen for the village once again to enjoy their presence. 

A nursery in Essex has a small stock of trees that did not succumb to the disease and over the last three decades or so they have been propagating stock for sale.  The club will be fundraising to buy a young tree and with the permission and assistance of other groups in the village, we are hoping to be able to plant the first one later this year.