2nd Monday Club September 11th

August is done, we're into the beautiful month of September and 2nd Monday Club is back ...

We are very fortunate to have Zoe coming along to talk to us about Great Ormond Street Hospital and the wonderful work they do and I myself certainly have good reason to be very grateful to them and NGH. 

Zoe, I'm told, is an excellent speaker, so with that to look forward to, what more could we wish for on a late summer evening! As usual the meeting is free to members and just £3 if you fancy popping along as a visitor. Refreshments are of course included.


Look forward to seeing you, everybody is welcome as always.






2nd Monday Club - 12th June - British Heart Foundation Fundraiser.

The Wear it. Beat it. campaign is back and we've got Carrie Seaton coming along, who is our local contact for the BHF. I know that many of us have reason to be very supportive of their research.

So ...  a red raffle then ... which involves you, please, bringing red things along on the night, or dropping red stuff off at mine, anytime.                            

 Wear something red if you want ... whatever you like, no pressure ... you coming along is the most important.

There will be the usual refreshments ... red, heart shaped ... maybe ...

So bring along friends, family, neighbours, everybody is welcome. It'll cost just £3 if you're visiting, nothing if you're a member.

Thanks to all who came to our meeting in May, an interesting informative evening, thanks Polly.

Very much looking forward to seeing you on the 12th, a couple of hours of fun and Wear it. Beat it.

Contact me if you need: 830517 or 07923985637 or carolhakin120@btinternet.com


2nd Monday Club - Litchborough - 13th March - 7.30pm

Hello Everyone,

March already and we've got a fantastic evening planned for you this month! We have Paul, who is a Blood Biker, coming along to talk to us. Now, Blood Bikes is the informal name of the 'Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes', who are a small, much needed, charity. They are a type of emergency medical service, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, providing a voluntary motorcycle courier service to hospitals etc, helping with the transport of urgent blood, tissue and organs.

Paul is hoping to bring a bike along for us to see and I'm quite sure it will prove to be an interesting evening. NABB have a website and a Facebook page, well worth having a peep.

A truly worthwhile organisation.

Well, to add to the excitement and the possible appearance of a motorbike at the V.H., March is the start of another new year for 2nd Monday Club, so, it's subs night!

The good news is, it's still only £20 to join for the year and we have some great speakers and evenings lined up and ready. It would be really good if you joined outright, (saves taking cash with you on the night?) But if you prefer to pay each time, not a problem, most meeting will be £3 as before, including refreshments and you're very welcome to continue coming along on that basis.

Thanks as always to everyone who came along last month ... I think some of us managed to pick up a bargain!

Look forward to seeing you on 13th at 7.30pm. Be really nice if loads of us were there to support Paul and the Blood Bikes. Everybody is welcome as always,